Our Dental Team

Dr. Jagatjit Dhillon, Dentist

Dr. Jagatjit Dhillon is a Carstairs dentist who grew up in Saskatoon, SK. He graduated in 2002 from the University of Saskatchewan where he won the Orthodontic Award for his class. Since then, Dr. Dhillon has provided dental service the Calgary, Airdrie, and Carstairs areas.Dr. Dhillon strongly believes in continuous professional improvement. As a result he has and continues to take many courses that progress his knowledge in many facets of dentistry including orthodontics, TMJ treatment, and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Dhillon’s practice philosophy is to provide his patients with treatment and education that improves both their immediate and long-term well-being.In his free time, Dr. Dhillon loves to spend time with his wife and three young daughters.

Dr. Hubert Ng

Dr. Hubert Ng is a Carstairs dentist was born and raised in Calgary. He attended St. Francis High School and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Calgary, with honors degrees in both Biological Sciences and Commerce. In 2005, after graduated from the University of Saskatchewan Faculty of Dentistry with Distinction, Dr. Ng returned to the Calgary area to practice.A focal point of Dr. Ng’s professional career has been staying up to date on the latest advancements in dentistry in order to provide the most current treatment options for his patients. He has completed comprehensive training in fixed orthodontics and invisalign, oral sedation, and sleep apnea medicine. Dr. Ng believes in educating his patients and keeping them involved with their care, every step of the way and finds it extra rewarding when these patients get to their goal of comfort and confidence in their smile and overall oral healthOutside the clinic he enjoys competitive running and obstacle racing, as well as playing basketball, tennis and skiing with his wife and 3 young children.

Registered Dental Hygienist

Jennifer F

Registered Dental Hygienist
Jennifer F has been providing services at Carstairs Family Dental since June 2007. She has been serving as a Dental Hygienist for 25 years now.Outside of her long standing career in the dental industry, Jennifer has also competed on horses. She is now a mother to two teenagers, and considers fitness an important part of her lifestyle. Jennifer loves living in a small town where she also works and feels privileged to know most people around.Jennifer believes she can help patients best by putting their overall health and well-being first.


Registered Dental Hygienist
Ramona has been practicing dental hygiene for 25 years and also holds a previous title as a dental assistant for over 6 years. She loves her job! She loves meeting new people everyday that end up remaining long time relationships and providing gentle yet thorough care for all of her patients.Ramona enjoys riding motorcycles with her husband Roger, and escaping to the beach to take in the hot sun and relax. She also enjoys going to see as many comedy shows as possible to keep life full of laughter. “I love to laugh” she says, “Life is way too short, get out there and enjoy it.”

Our Registered Dental Assistant

Alana C

Alana C has been been active dental industry for over 21 years, she has been with the practices since 2007, been with Dr Dhillon since about 2005. Alana C has worked in all aspects of general dentistry but found her compassion, strength and interest with orthodontics. She enjoys working with children giving ultimate experience, watching them grow and giving their perfect smile. She treat her patients like family and truly loves what she does.Downtime: enjoy spending time with my 4-legged kids Zulu, Calvin and Benjamin. Love to travel, hike, practice yoga, garden, retreat to the mountains and fine my peace by water, everyday holds new magic! On the flip, I’m a bit of a extremist and like to live life on the edge and to the fullest, I’ll try anything once! Favorite quote: ‘SMILE’ See Miracles In Life Everyday

Nikki G

Nikki has been with Carstairs Family Dental since January 2014. She graduated from Columbia College in 2013. She enjoys snowboarding, crocheting and gardening. She likes traveling and is hoping to see and experience more of this world. Nikki also loves spending her free time camping in their family cabin in Windermere, BC.Nikki also strives to excel in her continuing education and keep up with new courses. Nikki feels she is able to help patients best when she can sympathize from her personal experiences. She believes this makes patients feel more at ease, empowering them to manage any nervousness they may have. To Nikki and the entire team, Carstairs Dental is more than just a dental office. It is a place where the team is able to help patients and contribute to their well-being as a whole.

Stephanie E

Stephanie has been with Carstairs Family Dental since January 2014. As one of our Dental Assistants, Stephanie helps the rest of the team do more, better.Aside from taking good care of patients’ teeth, Stephanie is also into outdoor activities such as dirt biking and camping. She also loves dogs and cats, and just about any animal in general.Stephanie believes in loving what you do. To her, working hard for something you love is cultivating your passion. And working hard for something you don’t care about is only inducing stress.


Jennifer M

Accounts Manager
Jennifer McKellar has been part of the Carstairs Family Dental since 2007 as our Accounts & Payroll Manager.When not in the dental office, Jennifer loves camping, fishing, traveling, entertaining, and reading. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching hockey (Go Wings Go!), and going to concerts and festivals together.Jennifer believes that everyone can make someone’s day a little brighter with just a single smile. That goes for a personal greeting, message over the phone, or a simple emoji over email. A smile can impact anyone in a positive and contagious manner, and the Carstairs Family Dental team takes inspiration from this philosophy when serving patients.

Carla H

Office Manager
Carla H has been with Carstairs Family Dental since 2013. She has over ten years of experience in the medical and dental industry.Carla His happily married with two beautiful children – Isabelle and Alexander. Her family lives in the town of Carstairs and she loves the community and the small town vibe.Besides working with dental patients, Carla H also loves reading, writing, traveling, shopping, and most importantly spending time with family and friends. Carla H feels honored to be doing what she does best – helping patients on a daily basis within the dental office and community.

Simone W

Moved to Canada in 2006 with her Husband and their 2 daughters ( Michelle and Laura ) and has been living in Carstairs since 2012. Simone has over 20+ years of dental experience, started work at Carstairs dental Jan 2017, has 2 dogs, loves camping and boating with family and friends loves helping out patients in any way possible especially our elderly patients. Favorite Quote :”more than the past it is the future that interests me since that’s where i intend to live”