Carstairs dentists use Invisalign to create straight teeth and healthy smiles. The first step is to set an appointment with us so together we can check whether you are a good candidate for this teeth straightening option.

Once we have determined that you’re all set for the procedure, next thing we do is take a digital impression of your teeth. Every set of Invisalign aligner is made customized to accommodate the unique needs of every patient. This is to ensure maximum effectiveness and comfort. We let you know when your retainers are ready. Once we receive them, we can now get started with your treatment.

Carstairs dentists help ensure that the Invisalign braces are of the right fit for you. These virtually invisible aligners can be removed anytime you need to. You need not worry about it getting in the way of you enjoying your favorite food. Continue with your meal and brush your teeth as you normally would. You can wear your aligners again after. This won’t interfere with the treatment procedure.

You will need a new set of aligners every couple of weeks. And we will monitor your progress together. The aligners will be working hard, using gentle force to move your teeth to the correct position. Using gentle force, your Invisalign braces will help you achieve that great smile you’ve long wanted.

Getting your very own Invisalign braces doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Among the wonderful advantages of this teeth straightening innovation is its cost.

At Carstairs Dental, we can help you look into affordable payment options so we can proceed with the treatment as you want to. We won’t force you to proceed unless you’re comfortable with your payment options. We can give you professional advice about your dental health but final decision will always be on you.

Ready to share your smile more often? Contact your Carstairs dentists today for more information about Invisalign for teens and adults.

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