Various factors can trigger poor mouth posture. Often, it starts at very early life stages such as during breastfeeding. Orthotropics aim to correct these structural damages.

During the process, children learn to hold their teeth and lips together. They also learn about the proper tongue posture.

The jaw should be horizontal to keep the face balanced. However, in some cases, it grows vertical. This makes the face longer and the upper front teeth protrude. During an Orthotropic treatment, the lower jaw is steered forward instead of pulling the teeth backwards. This maximizes airway size and makes the face look more attractive.

A removable appliance called Biobloc is used in the process. A patient wears the Biobloc the entire day except for when eating or joining sports activities. The Biobloc tool is adjusted as the treatment progresses.

Biobloc Orthotropics can be challenging as it involves working with kids. However, the results are often compared to that which orthodontic treatments or jaw surgery later in life can offer.

Carstairs Dental is excited to offer Biobloc Orthotropics to patients. If you’re interested in getting this treatment, please send us a message at info@carstairsdental.com so we can assist you better.

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