Early Orthodontics

Keeping healthy teeth and mouth starts at an early age. Parents need to take the forefront in ensuring that their child’s smile stay healthy.

At Carstairs Dental, we recommend that parents bring their kids in for an orthodontic check-up before they turn six. This is the perfect timing to address any potential jaw and tooth problems before they lead to more serious issues.

Early detection eliminates the need for complex surgeries in the future. No parent would want their kid endure a dental problem that can otherwise be prevented.

Apart from detecting potential dental issues, orthodontic treatments can also help correct harmful habits such as thumb sucking. Parents then receive suggestions how to correct them. Kids also avoid suffering from grinding or TMJ disorders.

At Carstairs, we ensure that kids feel comfortable during their visit. We establish a positive relationship with them before moving on to the dental treatment. It’s important that kids learn to trust us first and feel at home working with us.

If you would like to set an appointment for an early orthodontic exam, please let us know. You may reach us at (587) 317-4388. Let’s make the dental visit convenient for you and the kids.

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